Saturday, February 15, 2014

EDLD 5366 Graphic Web Design Reflection

Self Assessment

Critical reflection: I walked away from this course with a new perspective on eye appealing designs (C.R.A.P.), how simple creating a website is today versus when I first learned how to create websites a few years ago, collaborative project allowed more work to get done in less time, however, I still hate group projects because I get extremely nervous about procrastinators and my reputation is based on someone else's work. I think overall, I was shocked how simple creating a website is. Although we created one in EDLD 5311, the depth of this course gave me much more confidence and when I started looking at youtube the vast of information at our fingertips was crazy. I found when I got stumped I could go right there and find the answer or tutorial. When I couldn't figure out how to post my animation to my site I went to google and found the easiest way was to upload a youtube and embed the video. Using a tutorial from youtube (InternCraig, 2005), it was simple.

Learner Assessment:

As a learner, I did a lot of Google searches. I did recognize there is a difference in search engines and prefer Google over Searchweb or Bing search engines. I also learned a lot about YouTube and tutorials available. I utilized peers that are in my class and I also work with to suggest best avenues to complete. When I started my animation and it took over 4 hours to create, cool and tedious, but too time consuming for a 30 second clip, I heavily depended on examples which gave me step by step instructions (CheekyM0nkee, 2011). Utilizing our Google doc, we could communicate our project and help each other by assessing their work. I also asked for my friends on Facebook to evaluate our page.

Lifelong Learning Assessment:

I know I will be utilizing the C.R.A.P design principles when creating any flyer, webpage, newsletter. I now look at all advertising and communication differently learning these principles. I will also be teaching self branding in my classes utilizing the Recycle, Reduce, Recover, Reuse technique (Alcantara, 2009). Even realizing how easy logo creating is made that intriguing. will be used regularly. I will be creating a webpage for my class and communicating with parents and students about activities, events, schedules etc. and I am really excited about doing that. I am looking forward to learning more about webpage building and adding more bells and whistles or gadgets to my pages. I have learned my lingo needs to be updates bells and whistles versus gadgets. I still hate collaborative projects but assessment and evaluation are super beneficial and I know collaboration is much needed in education or any work place. I will be utilizing more peer evaluations group reflections and communications to share ideas and develop personal growth by those experience with coworkers and with my students.

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