Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I have learned about action research and how to use it

Action research is a method of investigation with 4 steps that continues over and over as a work in progress.  Action research is a self reflective study.  This type research is to help oneself find current issues within their own environment, collect relevant data from their environment, analyze their data and read relevant materials that address similar issues and studies, make applicable changes with the new understanding, continue to reevaluate and share results. The insight gained of why one does what they do and what results are being obtained once the action research is being done results in educators making better choices and with being emerged in all aspects of research increases the probability of change based on results determined throughout the process because they are come tell involved throughout the whole research process.  This process takes out the feeling of just implementing "outsiders" findings who are detached from the educators individual environment and dynamics.  Educators need to be problem solvers not just facilitators as dynamics change within a classroom often if not daily by period.  The benefits of action research include educators are using real life practices to themselves. Educators are investigating their own problems. Also, educators are emerged in the process from beginning to end resulting in them buying into needed changes with results in them implementing needed changes.

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