Friday, February 8, 2013

Action Research: Care Model

Tool 8.1 CARE Model: Planning Tool
Identify Concerns that must change (look to the future)
(Assign points to concerns from 1 to 3 in the order of the most important issues to consider.)
1. Reduce unwanted behaviors in class during instruction time.
2. Current lunch detention is ineffective.
3. The need for someone to enforce repercussions for not showing up to detention.
Identify Affirmations that must be sustained (look to the present)
(Assign points to affirmations from 1 to 3 in the order of the most important issues to consider.)
1. Discipline is part of classroom management.
2. Removing social time from students is a motivator for good behavior.
3. Change in the current lunch detention is needed.
SMART Recommendations that must be implemented:
(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely)
(Assign points to recommendations from 1 to 3 in the order of the most important recommendations to implement.)
1. Teachers must record detention assignments properly (google docs).
2. Detention rules must be enforced.
3. Students must be told why they are serving lunch detention.
EVALUATE – Specifically and Often
(Identify the best ways to evaluate the implemented recommendations.)
1. Google Docs form is accessible to all teachers, updates daily. Used to check in students.
2. Students sign and agree to detention rules – Facilitator is to enforce them.
3. Students write a reflection in detention on why they are in detention, who gave them detention and how can they avoid being assigned detention again. Do students understand the behaviors contributing to the assignment of detention?


  1. Google docs is a great idea! We started using it this year for a lot of things, but dhall would be a great use for it. I've always felt dhall was pretty ineffective because there are so many holes. Anyway to help this would be great!

  2. Ginger, I think that there has to be some type of consequence if the students don't show up for d-hall. I am glad you have it listed as a concern. I also think d-hall needs to be something unpleasant, because most of the time the kids think it is no big deal to get detention. Where will the detention be? What are the rules while at detention? It will be interesting to see your research! Good job, Ginger!

    1. Students receive another day of detention and 3 detention assignments in 1 week receives and infraction. Missing 2 Detentions results in ISS. Detention is being held away from the lunch room in the Choir room. They are marched into the lunch room no talking allowed. Rules include: • Do NOT be late, after 5 minutes from the 1st bell is late.
      • Sit in Silence
      • Sit Straight Forward
      • Do Not Look Around
      • Write a 100 Word Essay –Why were you assigned lunch detention, how can you avoid being assigned lunch detention again? You may not write the same thing over and over. A copy will be delivered to the referring teacher and parents. Those assigned multiple days will write “I will not (rule broken)” 30 times legibly after writing essay day 1.
      Violations to rules receives another assignment of lunch detention. We have started and are moving forward!

  3. Ginger, I also love that you are using Google Docs. This will be a great way to track the students in detention and easy for all teachers (assuming they know how to use Google Docs). I like that you are having students write a reflection while in detention. It not only encourages them to practice writing skills, but hopefully they will think about why they are in detention and make better choices next time. Great project!

  4. Looks well done Ginger! I really hope you get the support from your fellow teachers. That is the one variable that can really make this study work! I believe consistency throughout the school is huge!

    1. The majority are on board. I have a few that says they don't use lunch detention at all because if they commit the crime with them they want them to do the time with them. But other than that everyone is excited for the firmness to begin.

  5. I like it. You are putting a big emphasis on holding the students accountable by have consequences for not showing up and having set rules while in detention. I really like holding students accountable.

  6. Good job Ginger! Seems like you have much of it planned out and every time I read your plan, the more and more I want to consider bringing it up on my campus. Again, I always look forward to reading your updates.